Top rated MERN stack developer at upwork.inc.
The most important things are not things. So we'll design experiences

It's about how the world sees you!
The goal is to build your Business

It's about how the world sees you!
The goal is to build your Business

Limiting Beliefs
we tell ourselves

Rebranding plays a major role in your business growth



Online booking system.
Full stack web developer at yaseera.com

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Ked | Cloud

Real time data streaming service.
Front-end development ( React-application ) - Stripe payment integration to frontend and backend to aws lambda function.

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Airbnb Hosting Service

A Full Stack Web Development/Design from scratch for hosting service located in Australia.

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Designed for india

Video to Website Conversion.
Department interested in exploring these wider manifestations of design as a critical human activity and would like to shape its application across all human cultural and economic activities.

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PSD to animated implementation

Online product marketing.

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Ifix Landing Page

Wireframe landing page implementation for Ifix Company.

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Social Media App

Social media app created with react and nodejs.

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IACreator Student-Platform

Home Page Redesign.

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In2orbit | Software house

Full website design and creation for software house located in Australia

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Banana Studios

Co-founder and graphic designer
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Landing page creation

Wordpress landing page design for Nira Creative Studios located in Australia

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Why Bassem?

Looking for a Graphic Designer to design your Website before dealing with your Developer?

Maybe you've got a Design and looking for a Front-end Developer?

Is it the time now for Back-end Developer to handle requests to save and retrieve data?

Hi I'm Bassem a MERN Stack Developer and Graphic Designer

I have learned Computer Science and Information Technology, I have bachelor degree in computer science from my college also I've studied computer science at harvard university via online platform. I can work in this field accurately, so this is my main job not just a hoppy. I'm passionate about designing and creating intuitive web applications from scratch to the final stable version.